Bachelor's Apprenticeship

Earn a Paycheck in Half the Time

Experience Classroom Teaching Before Graduation

Grow Teachers in High-Need Areas

Reduced Barrier for Career Transition

Greater Rigor and Support

Introducing our innovative program designed to empower teaching students with hands-on teaching experience while earning a paycheck before graduation. This unique opportunity allows participants to apply pedagogical knowledge in a practical setting as they navigate their academic journey while also earning a paycheck. Through this program, aspiring educators can hone their teaching skills, build confidence in the classroom, and establish a solid foundation for their future careers. Join us in bridging the gap between academia and real-world teaching, ensuring a seamless transition for passionate individuals into the field of education.

Our first cohort begins Year 1 of the Apprenticeship in the Fall semester of 2024, so be sure to sign up soon!

Who is eligible?

Traditional college students entering their freshman or sophomore year at Erskine College.

Paraprofessionals will also be eligible for this program in the future.

An online option will be available Fall 2024 for students who prefer to study at home or are already in the workforce.

What is the cost?

Cost will vary based on the financial aid package that the student qualifies for through FAFSA and available scholarships.

How does the Bachelor's Apprenticeship Work?

2 + 2
Early Childhood & Elementary Education Majors


3 + 1
Secondary Education Majors

Eligible content areas: 

  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet the Professors

Dr. Sarah Little

Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Teresa Carter

Associate Professor of Education

Lori Florence

Associate Professor of Education

Noble Edmisten

Assistant Professor of Education