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The mission of Teach Right USA is to foster generational transformation through education by training inspired, committed and highly effective educators who promulgate understanding and respect for Western values and institutions, most notably as found in the United States of America.

Why Teach Right?

Every industry grapples with talent recruitment, however, every year the gap in educator supply is widening and the supply is never meeting the classroom demand. As experienced educators who run a charter school district with twenty-four schools in South Carolina, both in rural and urban areas, we have first-hand experience with the need for an urgency to create a new pathway to attract and retain talent in education.


Teach Right USA provides a diverse range of educational programs tailored to individuals aspiring to become teachers, accommodating applicants with varying levels of prior experience in their pursuit of a rewarding career in education.

Bachelor's Apprenticeship

Earn your Bachelor's in Education while also actively teaching in a classroom and earning a paycheck.

Alternative Certification

Our Alternative Certification Program is perfect for those who already have a Bachelor's degree or work experience, but want to become teachers.

Educational Consulting Services

Our highly experienced team is ready to take your school to the next level.



TRUSA’s significant contributions were acknowledged in the South Carolina Governor’s Task Force on Teacher Recruitment and Retention Report in June 2023. As the youngest organization named in the report as a solution to the teacher shortage crisis, this recognition highlights our impact in addressing critical challenges in the education sector. At Teach Right USA, we actively shape the future of education by providing innovative solutions and creating pathways for the continual improvement of educational outcomes.


A flagship initiative of TRUSA is the Teacher Apprenticeship Program, designed to immerse college students in a hands-on learning experience while they pursue a teaching certification. This program, recognized as the second in the nation and the first in South Carolina for registered educational apprenticeships by the Department of Labor, exemplifies our dedication to nurturing the next generation of educators. In collaboration with Erskine College, TRUSA launched a groundbreaking Bachelor’s Apprenticeship Program in September 2023. Visit our Bachelors Apprenticeship page to learn more.


Teach Right USA is proud to be the first educational entity in South Carolina to receive approval from the South Carolina Department of Education for our alternative certification program. This program offers a convenient pathway for individuals already in the workforce to pursue a teaching certification while continuing to work. Explore our Alternative Certification page to learn more about this opportunity.


Charter Institute at Erskine
The Charter Institute at Erskine is a charter school authorizer in South Carolina.
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