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Why We Exist?

The teacher shortage problem is not new in school systems across the country. Rural school districts have a more significant uphill battle in finding educators to fulfill student needs and the pandemic only exacerbated this problem.
CERRA (The Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, & Advancement) recently released the 2022-2023 South Carolina Annual Educator Supply and Demand Report which outlines a 5% fall in teacher graduates, a record 39% teacher vacancies, and 36% of teachers had five or fewer years of experience before moving or transferring to another district.
The program provides a solution to the longstanding need for a sustainable educator pipeline through an innovative approach to becoming a classroom teacher.

Teacher Shortage By The Numbers


Fewer teacher graduates at the start of 2022 -2023


Teacher vacancies up by 39% from 2021-2022


Early childhood/elementary vacancies out of total


Special education vacanies out of total

The Urgency for a Solution

News agencies across the country published several articles about the imminent need for a sustainable solution to the teacher shortage that is impeding student growth and achievement.

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